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Facial Dermaplaning VS Shaving in Cedar Hill, TX; Benefits, Good Candidates & More

Dermaplaning is a procedure that will carefully and gently shave away the top layer of skin from the surface with a physical exfoliation using a sterile, surgical scalpel. During this procedure, the fine, vellus hair, otherwise known as peach fuzz along with the top-most later of dead skin is removed. Dermaplaning only takes 30 minutes,…

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HydraFacial Benefits in Balch Springs, TX; Skin Cleaning, Exfoliation, Hydration & More

To keep their skin looking its best, men and women alike are always looking for ways to improve it. Working to resurface the skin as well as provide a deep cleaning, exfoliation and extraction; HydraFacial treatments are a very effective option to achieve your skin care goals. HydraFacials also simultaneously bath the newly revealed skin…

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Is a Professional Chemical Peel Good for Skin in Addison, TX? Reduce Wrinkles & Other Benefits

Beautiful skin is not always natural, especially among celebrities flaunting their radiant skin but chemical peels can help get in this goal. In fact, chemical peels are one of the least invasive treatment options to revitalize the skin. To take advantage of chemical peels as opposed to other options, across the world, more than 11…

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